I've been a baseball collector for over 45 years.  Vary flexible when it comes to making trades.  Check my updated want list below.

Collecting Baseball and FB Rookies and graded  cards

Thanks Jim


My trade list features baseball base, inserts, refractors, numbered, GU and auto cards and will continue to update. Also have a huge listing of Jeter cards and all major sport price guides are  for sale. Added FB to the list.

I am active with excellent ratings on the following sites: Hope to do some trading/selling.   Thanks Jim

 The Bench, SCF, Net54 baseball.com, traders.com  and ebay(JIMM1859).

Prefer to use PayPal for cash transactions.



Graded_cardsFSFT.doc Graded_cardsFSFT.doc
Size : 47 Kb
Type : doc
baseball_RC_FS-FT.doc baseball_RC_FS-FT.doc
Size : 129.5 Kb
Type : doc
Football_FS-FT.doc Football_FS-FT.doc
Size : 58.5 Kb
Type : doc
baseball_for_trade-sell-wants.doc baseball_for_trade-sell-wants.doc
Size : 95 Kb
Type : doc

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